A few thoughtful people — I connect people from a variety of different worlds, working at the highest levels in different fields. Around my table, they can pool their talents to rethink old problems, feel out new ideas, and explore ways for them and their organizations to create better people, places and things.

I then advise them on how to share these changes for the better as well.

Clients — The hundreds of clients I've worked for over the years include global corporations and financial institutions; renowned cultural organizations and arts groups; market leaders in travel, hospitality and luxury services; consulting firms, advertising, branding and public relations agencies; not for profits and charitable groups; and elected representatives and officials at all levels of government.

In Canada. The U.S. and beyond.

I'll be happy to send you a specific list of clients in your area of interest.

You can e-mail me at bob@ramsayinc.com

Or phone me at the office at (4l6) 598 3970

Or call me on my mobile at (416) 822 3452

Or send a good, old-fashioned card, letter or summons to:

Ramsay Inc
44 Charles Street West
Suite 1121
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1R7

Direct other writers — Some projects are so big or ongoing that no one writer can do it all. On these projects, I act as editor-in-chief and creative director, recruiting the best right talent, setting the tone to everything and generally acting as the Chief of the Consistency-of-Message Police.

Events — For over 30 years, I've invited established experts, young pioneers and gifted observers to share their thinking at special events for select audiences. In fact, I've created an entire business around these speaker series.

Thought leadership it's not. What we all crave, what nurtures our creativity and our productivity, is authenticity, intellectual stimulus and emotional engagement, all in one. And if I can help an organization provide do this for its most important people, all the better.

Help people present — Why are so many speeches and presentations often blah and uninspired? Because the speaker doesn't consider that every word counts and doesn't take the time to practice. But presenting effectively is a learned skill. It's like playing the piano. It's not the reflection of an attitude to life, like singing in the shower. So a little of the right kind of practice goes a long way. I coach executives on how to make better presentations and help management teams win competitive pitches – often when millions of dollars are at stake.

Me — Born in Edmonton. Educated at Princeton and Harvard. Speechwriter for a Premier. Book editor. Copywriter. Communications strategist. Presentation trainer. Marathoner. Explorer of the world's far corners. Travel writer. Op-ed page writer. Fund-raiser. Board member. Speaker series host. Arts addict. Hopeless enthusiast. Download a full profile.

Think Differently — I work with an organization's leaders to tell their story in a brighter, fresher, and often faster way. That story may need new energy; or an entire new direction; or even a whole new story. My solution always starts with a strategy designed to spark new interest and build lasting attention. I then spell out a detailed program that uses communications to boost existing markets, pry open new ones, and, if need be, transform bad will into good.

Thoughts into words — I write marquee speeches, executive articles and opinion pieces, the front ends of annual reports and websites. In short, the words that establish a voice and point of view, setting the stage for what the rest of the words will say.

Whole communications team — I manage clients' searches for specialized communications help — from public relations agencies, to design firms, web developers and multimedia producers — identifying the long-list, culling to a short list and then guiding the proposal and selection process.

Words about me
"Bob has great personal breadth and depth and the network to not only position individuals, corporations or other institutions with acute precision, but to give wise advice on the strategy to achieve desired results."
— Jack Diamond, Founding Partner, Diamond & Schmitt Architects

"Bob has an amazing capacity to understand what I want to say and to write with an eloquence far beyond my capabilities. He's a remarkable listener and he creates immediate warmth and friendship. My relationship with Bob is only months-old, but his impact on our business will last for years."
— Randy Ambrosie, Chairman and CEO, Accretive Advisor

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People sometimes ask me: “What do you think you're doing?” And I think to myself, “Well, they've got one thing right. It's all about thinking.” Because, what I do is help clients think differently about what they want to show and tell the world – what message they want to send, what point they want to make, or what brand they want to boost. Often I bring together a few thoughtful people with special expertise to think things through. Or I invite seminal thinkers to share their ideas at events for other thinking people who are interested in new ways of looking at work and life. I also help people present their own ideas better. Or I put their thoughts into words they can share in speeches, or in print or online. Or I direct other writers to do that, or even manage the hunt for an entire communications team. I've done all these things for many clients over the years, including several who have kindly offered to say a few words about me. So, if I seem to offer what you're looking for, I think the best idea would be to get in contact to see if we're both thinking along the same lines.